Monday, November 7, 2011

Get Wild For Wild Horses

Moving to a new place can mean adjusting to a very different way of life. That’s what happens to the horses in my book, Race the Wild Wind (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2011). These activities will let children dig deeper into the story, think about what such a major life change is like, and get to know the real Sable Island Horses that inspired the book.

First of all, this story is set on a real place, Sable Island. Look just inside the book’s cover. You’ll find a map that shows you where this island is located off the coast of Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada.

The heart of this story is about adjusting to a new place and way of living. Find this picture in the book. Then read the story to find out how life changed for one young stallion. Next, talk about and then write about a time you moved someplace new or that something about your life changed.

*What changed for you?

*What about that change was especially hard for you?

Find this picture in the book. As you read, you'll discover the horses didn't know each other when they first came to the island. What changed as they did get to know each other? Why do you think the stallion sometimes ran as fast as he could?

Read what happened to the young stallion when he broke through the ice to get a drink of water. Why was this an important change in his life?

The horses living on Sable Island did’t have any natural predators, such as wolves or mountain lions. However, living there was sometimes dangerous. Read the story to find at least three things that made life challenging—even deadly.

Verbs are powerful words. Action verbs—ones that make you feel the action you’re reading about—make a story much more exciting.

For example, check out some of the action verbs that bring Race the Wild Wind, to life.
“Barking and wriggling, the seals stampede into the surf.”
“Storms claw at beaches and dunes.”
“Stinging rain pelts down. Waves charge ashore.”

Find at least two more places action verbs ramp up the story.

You’ll find one where the horses are swimming ashore as the ship sails away.

You’ll find another where the young stallion goes after the colt in the blinding fog.

Of course, there are many more action verbs in this exciting story.

Now enjoy pictures of the real wild horses living on Sable Island today. Then make up your own story about the life of one special horse--one that’s just been born. Be sure and use action verbs to power up your story.

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