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Soaring like Eagles--Share The Adventure

Soaring like Eagles is an action-packed adventure that will take you, along with 12-year-old Kate, into the remote wilderness of Snowbird Mountain in North Carolina--the heart of the Cherokee Nation. In discovering a grandfather she didn't know she had, 12-year-old Kate also finds a new life that’s far different from anything she ever dreamed of--and life-threatening danger from poachers.

When you're ready, download the book and start reading to jump into the adventure. For an extra fun challenge, find the answers to each of the questions as you share the action with Kate.

Kate wanted to try and find her grandfather. She needed $52.49 for a bus ticket to Cherokee, North Carolina.

She only had $11.00 of her own money.

How did she, little-by-little collect the additional money she needed for her trip.

What two reasons did Kate give for getting a round trip bus ticket to Cherokee instead of a one-way ticket?

This German shepherd, named Nvya, is an important character in the story.

How did he react to Kate at first?

What did Kate do to try and make friends with Nvya?

When did Nvya first begin to accept Kate?

At what point do we know Nvya has fully accepted Kate?

BONUS CHALLENGE:Now, outline Kate's developing relationship with her grandfather starting with how they felt about each other when they first met until they really felt like family.

These are leaves from a sassafras tree. Why was it so important for Kate to find and collect these leaves after her grandfather Tsan was shot?

Take a peek inside Tsan's mountain cabin. Imagine trading living in your home for living in this house. Did you notice that there isn't any television? Kate didn't even have a bed. She had to sleep in front of the fire. Make list of all the ways living in Tsan's house was very different for Kate.

This is the mountain stream near Tsan's cabin. It's where Kate caught fish and went to think when she needed time alone.

At first, she's afraid of being alone at night in the forest. Later, she feels quite at home.

What do you think changed?

What would you like, if anything, about moving to such a wilderness place?

What would you really miss about where you live? What does Kate miss most?

Describing something by showing how it’s like something else that’s familiar is called a metaphor. It’s a powerful way to paint pictures with words.

“The sun was already a fat orange ball hanging just above the mountain’s peak.”

This is how Kate described the day when she first met her grandfather. What does that word picture tell you about the time of day?

Find at least two more metaphors in the story.

Clues: You’ll find one describing Tsan’s cabin.

You'll find another when Kate describes how the pine tree trunks look in the fog the morning after the storm, her first morning on Snowbird Mountain.

*Ready to tackle a BIG challenge?

Then look at the events in the timeline below the picture.

This list tells what happened when Kate and her wounded grandfather, with Nvya's help, escaped the young Cherokee poacher.

But the list is out of order. You'll need to decide what happened first, second, and so forth.

*Kate and Tsan went along the narrow ledge to the cave.

*Nvya, the German shepherd, chased the chicken to draw the poacher away from the cabin.

*Kate, Tsan and Nvya head through the forest to Soquah’s house.

*Kate, Tsan, and Nvya stayed inside the cave until it was dark.

*The Indian attacks Kate.

*Father Paul comes to the rescue.

*Kate made a hole in the floor and crawled out to watch the young Indian.

*Nvya attacks the poacher to defend Kate.

*Kate runs to Tsan’s cabin.

*The young Indian catches Kate.

*Tsan leaves Kate alone in the forest.

This eaglet, nicknamed Baby, becomes another important character in the story.

How did rescuing the eaglet help Kate develop a relationship with her grandfather?

A myth is a story to explain how something in the world began.

Tsan tells the Cherokee myth of how a spider helped all of the animals of the world get fire and warm up.

Search the following on-line sites for other Cherokee myths.

Website One

Website Two

After reading some of these myths make up one of your own to explain how one of the following came to be:



What did Tsan see in the sky the day Baby made her first flight? What did he decide he had to do?

It's time for the exciting climax of the story.

Read and enjoy.

Then tell in what order did the events happened

*Kate climbed up the inside of the fireplace chimney

*The poachers set Tsan’s cabin on fire

*Kate jumped to the ladder dangling from the helicopter

*Tsan and Kate tried to beat out the flames and stop the fire

*Part of the cabin roof crashed in

Books end but stories never do.

They spark your imagination with ideas about what must have happened afterwards.

Imagine what may happened to Kate, Tsan, Baby, and Nvya in the year after the story ends.

Write a short story about what happens after the end of Soaring like Eagles.

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