Summer Reading Road Trip

Summer Reading Road Trip
I'm shortly heading out to schools and visiting more via Skype to celebrate my Scholastic WHAT IF YOU HAD?! Series! Click on this photo to find out about my school visits on SANDRA MARKLE SPEAKS!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Have you discovered the new game MELT DOWN! 

If not, check it out here.

In this game developed by the German science magazine for children GEOlino, kids first create their own ice floes. The game board is a blue sponge with a mold they fill with water and freeze. Once frozen, the mold is removed and they're left with chunks of ice (ice floes) floating on a sponge sea. The sponge board soaks up the melting ice water as kids roll the dice and race to save the polar bears before all of the ice melts.

It's a fun challenge with a chilling lesson.

And before kids play, share my book WAITING FOR ICE (Charlesbridge, 2012) based on the true story of polar bears, especially one orphaned cub, effected by global warming.


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